A few of my favorite things.

Working the floor at Self Edge New York means that I get to see a lot of good product up close. We get boxes of new orders in every week, but there are a few pieces that really stand above the rest for me as my favorites; I can tell because they are the ones I keep trying on. Here are a few of them.


Iron Heart Hickory Stripe Shirt: I wasn’t the biggest fan of this piece when I first saw it, but it’s been growing on me. It’s the heaviest hickory stripe cotton we have in the shop and is just an overall rugged and durable shirt that will last you a lifetime. (It’s also quite slimming.)


Sugar Cane Mini-Herringbone Workshirt: I love the vintage-styled pockets, the triple-needle red stitching that runs through the inside of the shirt, and the faint herringbone pattern that can only be seen under certain angles of light.


Flat Head Mini-Herringbone Western Shirt: This shirt’s herringbone fabric is woven on a shuttle loom – you don’t see that often. I love Flat Head’s attention to detail in running the selvedge accents along the wearer’s inner placket; the snaps and angled pockets are also great.


Sugar Cane Hand Loom Denim: The slubbiness of these jeans gives them so much character.


Self Edge Feather Ring: These rings are handmade by H.Mace, a Navajo silversmith with over 25 years of experience. The crazy thing about these rings are that they are not cast; they start out as a single sheet of silver and every detail is then carefully carved out of it with a file.

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  1. dan says: Reply

    yummy. but super expensive i bet huh? at least for the likes of me :)

  2. andrew says: Reply

    Expensive for both you and me, but well worth it… you’ll get to see and try things on when you’re here in November.

  3. Stuff looks good. If I worked there, I’d be trying stuff on so much I’d have to cop it by week’s end. A blessing in disguise I guess.

  4. Hi Danielle I haven’t tried making the cowl with a thneinr yarn, but I would think the same texture of stitches would be there, just less pronounced. If using thneinr yarn, just make sure to chain more when you’re starting out so your scarf so it’s big enough to fit. If you end up experimenting, please let me know how it turns out I’d love to see pics!

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