Contest Winner.

We recently selected a winner for our 3sixteen x Self Edge Denim Contest. For those who aren’t familiar with denim contests (sounds weird, right) – we basically asked a bunch of folks who bought 3sixteen jeans from Self Edge to wear them out as best they could over an 8 month period, and to send us pictures once they were done. You can check out some of the submissions here – we had a lot of fun reading our customers’ stories and looking at their denim photos. First place went to a 16-year old kid from Washington named Martin.

He told us about how he wore his SL-100x jeans while working in his dad’s auto body shop after school almost every day, which is why they look so well aged despite the relatively short time he’s had them (you can see more pictures of the jeans here). I liked seeing how much the Tanner Goods natural tan leather patch changed as well.  As the contest winner, we hooked Martin up with a pair of jeans of his choice from Self Edge and a gift certificate to the 3sixteen online shop. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more photos of our jeans in the next few months, both on message boards (Sufu/SF) and via our entries in Denim Debate.

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