I traditionally save my chili for Super Bowl, but L was craving it a little earlier this year. I decided to cook up a small pot for Manning Bowl II (which went disastrously but I won’t harp on it here). These are the main ingredients that go into the chili:

I start out by dicing the bacon and frying it up. On the side, the big pot has the tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, beans and some chopped onions simmering.

Once the bacon is done, I add it to the pot. Then I brown the ground beef in the bacon fat.

After the ground beef is done, I’ll drain out most of the oil and use the same pan to cook the spicy italian sausage.

Once the italian sausage is added in, I throw in a few squares of unsweetened chocolate and season the chili with bbq sauce and chili powder to taste. I then let it simmer for another 3-4 hours to let the flavors mingle.


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  1. KGS says: Reply

    Damn, that sounds delicious AJ. The simple process of cooking the ground beef in the bacon grease is genius, I shouldve been doing that all along. Nice work.

  2. andrew says: Reply

    Thanks! I just checked your site and it’s pretty much a dream come true. Let me know if you need a companion for your next review…

  3. KGS says: Reply

    No problem AJ! No joke, your chili sounds amazing.

    Thanks for the praise on my site, its a labor of love, so much fun. More than happy to have you tag along, especially if we head someplace in the East Vill or LES near Self Edge. Any good recs down there? Spitzer’s is by far my favorite in the area.

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  5. david says: Reply

    Real chili doesnt have italian sausage in it.

  6. andrew says: Reply

    Cool. More for me.

  7. […] This chili recipe is bonkers; beef, spicy italian sausage, AND bacon. […]

  8. dintx says: Reply

    there is no such thing as REAL chili “david” – its whatever you put in and this shit looks good… in tx its pintos not kidneys but sometimes we’ll do those white beans w/ chicken chili – and sometimes turkey sausage – but i’ve never even thought of using bacon AND sausage… this will be in the slow cooker this weekend – maybe w/chorizo too for extra double heart stopping action!



  9. KGS says: Reply

    Hey Andrew –

    I was going to make this chili for the SB this weekend…been waiting to do so since last year. Do you happen to have the exact recipe with the breakdown of ingredients? If so, please email me!

    Thanks buddy.

    1. andrew says: Reply

      Email sent!

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