Sinn 358 Jubilaum.

Sinn is releasing this gorgeous 358 Jubilaum watch to celebrate their 50th anniversary. It’s limited to 500 units – thus, WatchBuys (the only authorized US dealer for Sinn) is taking preorders on it now. There are a number of technical achievements worth noting:

  • The case is filled with inert gas and also has a copper sulphate capsule inside to absorb extra moisture – this prevents the face from fogging in extreme conditions and protects the movement components from humidity.
  • The movement that is developed for this watch is entirely new to the line, which is why the dial layout allows for new placements of chronograph registers.
  • The grey dial is electroplated for UV resistance, thereby giving it extra resistance to fading over time.
  • Domed sapphire crystal for additional strength and shatter resistance.

I like how Sinn will be deciding what watch strap color “will best suit the watch’s design” and has not yet announced it; as of now it will be grey, but Sinn reserves the right to change it prior to delivery without warning. In other words, if you like the watch, you’ll have to trust them on the strap color. At a price of $2,740, this will be an easy one for me to resist.

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  2. dirbab says: Reply

    Such a handsome watch.

  3. SinnFan says: Reply

    It’s a great looking Sinn, for sure!

    Also, the 358 Jubilaum is actually limited to 500 units for the world, not 5,000.

  4. Andrew says: Reply

    I stand corrected!

  5. Albert Kotze says: Reply

    At 42mm a much more sensible case size as well.

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