Coffee Mecca.

The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the best coffee roasters in the world – these are the guys leading the charge with quality in-house roasted single origin beans coupled with labor intensive preparations. Being that I was in Portland for the weekend on business, I had to sample some of the shops that I’d been reading and hearing about.

The first roaster everyone thinks of when it comes to Portland is Stumptown, but we’ve got one in NYC so there was no need to visit. I first checked out Heart Coffee Roasters on E. Burnside – this shop is less than two years old but serves up some amazing product. Their vintage Probat is proudly on display right in the shop, where they roast after hours:

I went with an Ethiopian Kochere pourover, which they prepared in a Chemex carafe. One thing that I noticed about Portland was how inexpensive the coffee was; this carafe only cost $4 and served up 3 cups!

The next morning, we stopped by Extracto after brunch.

This is their second, smaller location that was opened more recently (they roast onsite at the original location on NE Killingsworth). I sampled some single origin Papua New Guinea coffee for the first time:

While fruity and acidic, the coffee has an earthy finish and even seems to get a little sweeter as it cools down (the barista advised me of this to make sure I didn’t add too much sugar initially).

I got to sample Ristretto‘s Mexico Chiapas on my last day in Portland. The earthiness that I love so much in South American beans was definitely present here, but it was lighter bodied than I expected. I’d definitely have this again.

While there were several notable spots that I didn’t have time to visit, my experiences with these three shops certainly make for a compelling reason to return to the Rose City sometime soon.

Heart Coffee Roasting
2211 E. Burnside
Portland OR 97214

Extracto Coffeehouse and Roastery
1465 Suite B NE Prescott
Portland, OR 97211

Ristretto Roasters
3808 N Williams Ave
Portland, OR 97227


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  1. Liam says: Reply

    you should check out coava coffee next time you come to portland

  2. andrew says: Reply

    Liam, that’s the one shop I was really disappointed to miss out on. Thankfully my host is good friends with them so I had some of their Kenyan Peaberry every morning during my visit.

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