My SL-100x jeans.

These are my first pair of 3sixteen jeans that I’ve really worn in. Prior to this, I had another pair of SL-100x that were starting to break in nicely until they fell victim to my chainstitching mishaps. I figured what better jeans to learn to hem than my own, so I tried a few times, messed up, cut the jeans shorter, etc. until I ended up with highwaters. It’s not unlike trying to salvage a haircut you are giving to a friend.

I started on these in May of 2010, right when I headed out to San Francisco with Lily for a short vacation. They were my daily wearers throughout that summer but then sat idle through the wintertime. I broke them out again this spring and have had them on just about every day since then. I’d say they have just over 1 year of effective wear, and unlike my other raw jeans, I gave this pair consistent hand washes every 2-3 months.

This batch of denim was sourced from Kaihara, before we started developing our own exclusive denim with Kuroki. One thing I liked about this denim was that it gives a pretty contrasty fade and  yields more vertical streakiness than I expected.

Love that roping effect that our Union Special 43200g gives.

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