Ice Cube Celebrates Charles & Ray Eames.

During my last trip to LA, Casey invited me to an Eames exhibition at Pacific Standard Time; I was unable to go because my flight back to NYC left that same evening. I am disappointed to have missed it because I would have gotten the chance to see these promotional posters in person. PST tapped the one and only Ice Cube to share his appreciation for Charles and Ray Eames and how their work has inspired and influenced him. I like what PST has done in partnering with an unexpected modern cultural icon to help expose art and design to new audiences. When else would you see Eames mentioned on a hip hop blog  (or Ice Cube on a design site)? Initiatives like this break down barriers and make art and design more accessible, so I am all for it.

Plus – without a project like this, I never would have known that Ice cube studied architecture prior to joining NWA. If I ever had the chance to meet Ice Cube one day, I think it would be awesome to know that he would be just as stoked to chat about mid-century design as he would rap music.

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  1. kpr says: Reply

    How amazing is this? I couldn’t be happier about it. I couldn’t respect Ice Cube more at this point.

    1. andrew says: Reply

      Pretty amazing indeed. The other two that PST did were entertaining too, but this one was my favorite because it’s unexpected – and that is a beautiful thing.

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