Life with Logan.

My good friend Sarah approached me a few months ago to see if I’d be interested in working on a piece for Antenna Magazine‘s Winter 2011 issue. I’ve never had any of my writing published before so I was excited for the opportunity; plus, the concept sounded like a lot of fun. The piece compares 24 hours in the day of a dad (me) versus a single man, and my updates were limited to 25 words or less per hour.  I received a copy in the mail this week and finally got to see the completed piece. It’s on newsstands now, but I also scanned it for your reading pleasure. Many thanks to Sarah and Kaity for including me.

I really enjoyed working on this this for several reasons. Firstly, it was fun to compare my life to someone’s who is in such a different place. I didn’t get to read his half until I got the final issue, and while his blurbs didn’t exactly bring back fond memories of licentiousness I do vaguely remember what it was like to be able to come and go as I pleased. My life really does look a lot different now, and it’s especially clear when you see our hourly activities side by side.

Secondly, I’m thankful to have some sort of documentation of what things were like during our first year with Logan. 2011 has brought so many changes for our family and for my work; I’ve had to learn how to handle more responsibilities and get things done in less time. It’ll serve as a good reminder as to how God has provided for us and helped me to make the necessary adjustments along the way.

Lastly, in reading the final piece over, I realized that despite the challenges that come with juggling a company, a retail store, marriage and fatherhood, I really am having a good time. I ran into an acquaintance who works at Antenna while visiting Sarah who told me, “man, I wouldn’t want to be you.” It reminded me of when I got engaged and several coworkers told me in jest that I was going to be miserable. Marriage has been good to me, and becoming a father has been an amazing experience. I won’t lie – there are occasions when I wish I had more time and less responsibilities, but those are fleeting thoughts.

I’m too busy having fun with my wife and kid.

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  1. Ryan says: Reply

    I’ll need to pick up a copy of Antenna to read this. Sounds neat.

    1. andrew says: Reply

      I actually scanned it in – there’s a link to it in the first paragraph. But buying the issue would be rad too; there’s also an interview with me and Sam from Tanner Goods about a collaboration that we did.

  2. KGS says: Reply

    Well done A.J. Enjoyed the read…sounds like fatherhood is still as fun AND more rewarding than bachelorhood. One day.

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