Viberg Service Boots.

My custom makeup Viberg Service Boots arrived just in time for Christmas. They took two months to make and I’m very happy with how they turned out; Brett and the rest of the Viberg team were very accomodating in allowing me to choose every detail to make it my own. I started out with their 1950’s Service Boot on the 2030 last with a brogued cap toe.  Then I chose a brown harness leather that exhibits lots of pull-up characteristics and paired it with brass eyelets and a contrast black tongue. Lastly, I went for practicality and chose a dainite sole to keep the boot from being too slippery in the rain and snow.

Viberg is a family-owned bootmaker based in Victoria, British Columbia. Everything is crafted in small batches with great attention to detail. This is the first pair that I’ve had the pleasure of owning and the craftsmanship is apparent from end to end. The welt stitching is immaculate.

Thanks to the good folks at Viberg for making a pair of boots for me that I hope to be wearing for a long time.

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  2. […] A year and a half in, my Viberg 1950 Service Boots are aging very nicely. The Dainite soles have proved to be both durable and practical  (NY sidewalks can be slippery and slushy in the wintertime) and the brown harness leather still looks great after taking a beating. As a reminder, here’s what they looked like brand new. […]

  3. Viberg sizing. AJ I see that you boots are UK 9.5% what US sz are you? Im ordering a pair and just want to make sure the fit are ok.

    1. andrew says: Reply

      I am a size 10-10.5 in US sizing.

  4. Zeki says: Reply

    I was wondering how long your feet are. I’m just looking a viberg but don’t know which size to get. My feet are 28cm long.
    Would you mind helping me out on this?
    Much obliged, Zeki

  5. Ola Nordmann says: Reply

    Is this unstructured/soft cap toe as well? Thanks.

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