Red Rooster Camano Coffee Mill.

I was looking for a small hand grinder for my home coffee setup and had almost settled on the Hario Skerton when my buddy Jaime at Stumptown suggested the Camano Coffee Mill from Red Rooster. He told me that he owned both and liked this one better because of its build quality. After using it for a few weeks, I’m inclined to agree.

The Camano coffee mill is a good looking grinder – I like the walnut accents and the little bronzed door that opens up so you can put the beans into the hopper. It’s got an adjustable conical burr grinder that will pretty much last forever, and will give you consistent grinds so that you don’t have uneven extraction when brewing your coffee.

One major advantage of this grinder over the Skerton is the fact that you can adjust the coarseness of the grind with a simple twist of an easily accessible nut on the top. The Skerton takes a little bit more work. I can go from a super coarse grind for my french press (pictured above) to something finer for filter prep very easily.

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  1. cheryl says: Reply

    What a beautiful device! you’d like these jars, I use them in my kitchen to store all my salt, sugar, and corn starch.

  2. andrew says: Reply

    You are correct, I do like those jars.

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