Lessons Learned.

Nick Grant contacted me a month ago to participate in a Complex article entitled “How To Make It: 10 Rules For Success From Fashion Industry Insiders.” While I feel there are plenty of people who are just as (if not more) qualified than me to share these kinds of tips, I enjoyed writing my response because it gave me the opportunity to look back on all the crazy things that have happened in 3sixteen’s history and what I’ve learned along the way.

I don’t agree with all the advice given in the piece, but that’s ok – the fact that information and advice is being shared to help build up the next generation is fantastic, because when I was getting started none of this stuff was available. Blogs and other social media platforms over the past few years have allowed aspiring designers unprecedented direct access to their favorite brands, and while some of that access results in consuming mindless drivel (I’ve contributed my fair share), there are important pieces of information and advice being given – and that is definitely a good thing in my book.  That being said, I still feel that as much as the internet can provide, personal relationships with people you respect will yield much greater learning opportunities. You can’t just read a bunch of pieces online and be ready to take the plunge; that’s why I encourage people to seek out internships so they can immerse themselves in all aspects of their passion – not just the exciting, attractive parts that the internet shows off – firsthand.

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