Summertime Footwear.

Once summertime rolls around, I put the boots away in the closet and switch over almost exclusively to canvas and suede sneakers. I just don’t feel right trudging around in clunky, heavy footwear in the sweltering weather. For the past few summers, I’ve started on a fresh pair of white Purcells that end up looking (and smelling) haggard by the time September rolls around. As much as I’d like to keep them, I always toss them and move onto another pair the following year. This year I was given these UNDFTD Purcells as a gift and they’ve really grown on me. I’m now wearing them at least three times a week.

At first glance they’re plain old white Purcells, but they’ve got the red and navy accents that mimic the Chuck Taylor and their trademark tally mark logo on the leather pull tabs on the back.

The inside of the sneaker is lined with a lightweight black terry which feels pretty amazing when worn sockless. I’ll be sad to see these go come the Fall.

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