Chapter & Verse Agency.


This week marked the launch of our new office and showroom space for 3sixteen: Chapter & Verse Agency. We took ownership of the space on January 1st and finished renovations in time for NY Market week a mere two weeks later. It’s where we’ve been meeting with retailers this week to show them what’s new with our brand and the ones our showroom now represents.


A few years ago, Johan and I wanted to be able to do sales and consulting work for other brands, but it didn’t seem to make sense to conduct that business under the 3sixteen name, as we are known for our clothing. Johan coined the name of the agency – Chapter & Verse – which is both a nice tie-in to our own brand’s name (3:16) as well as a phrase that refers to conducting business with great attention to detail. This year, though, marks the actual launch of the agency as a physical showroom and a business to help both established and newer brands gain market share through sales and PR work. It’s nice to see an idea finally come to (physical) fruition, and marks a new step for both Johan and me professionally.


Beyond its function as a showroom, we took this space because it’s a retail storefront and thus provides us with lots of flexibility. We envision it as being a daily hub where friends and colleagues can connect, exchange ideas, network, and enjoy really good coffee. It’ll also be the home to monthly gatherings, art/photography shows, and perhaps even a few special temporary retail events. Our first office space 5 years ago was also on Allen Street and, like this one, was a retail space. There was something special about being so accessible to friends who were in the neighborhood passing by – I’m looking forward to having this space function in a similar way.





Chapter & Verse Agency
162 Allen Street
Lower East Side, NYC

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  2. cheryl says: Reply

    i love this!

  3. Matt says: Reply

    Fantastic! Can’t wait to visit.

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    That leather stool is ill.

  5. Chris says: Reply

    Looks amazing. Congrats.

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