Viberg Service Boots – 18 months.



A year and a half in, my Viberg 1950 Service Boots are aging very nicely. The Dainite soles have proved to be both durable and practical  (NY sidewalks can be slippery and slushy in the wintertime) and the brown harness leather still looks great after taking a beating. As a reminder, here’s what they looked like brand new.




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  1. John says: Reply

    Very nice!

  2. dp muir says: Reply

    I adore these boots. As a woman, I tend to wear a more streamlined pair of boots, even for the coldest months. However I would adore (lots of exclamation marks!) to have a pair of these Viberg.

    I know my son would love a pair!

    They look like a loved shoe/boot//slipper ought: the best of friend for carrying our legs and bodies around cities, the country-side, to lovers and beyond. Definitely something to think about…

  3. anonymous says: Reply

    OMG, these are beautiful! If I bought a pair, I would probably be too afraid of damaging them to actually wear them. How much did they cost you?

  4. Dylan says: Reply

    Would you be able to give an approx of what you paid?
    I know these are custom, are they much higher than average msrp for the service boots?

    Thanks, they still look great!

  5. Ola Nordmann says: Reply

    Thanks for the detailed pictures and writeup about your initial purchase. Great inspiration.

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