• Design
  • Chapter & Verse Agency.

    This week marked the launch of our new office and showroom space for 3sixteen: Chapter & Verse Agency. We took ownership of the space on January 1st and finished renovations in time for NY Market week a mere two weeks later. It’s where we’ve been meeting with retailers this week to show them what’s new […]

  • Coffee
  • Stephen Kenn.

    My friend Steve Opperman (formerly of Temple Bags) and his wife Rebecca have started a new furniture company called Stephen Kenn. Their steel frames are all locally welded in Los Angeles and the cushions are all made of repurposed WWII military fabric. Fans of his former bag collection will see many design similarities carried over […]

  • Design
  • A Day with Tanner Goods.

    The primary reason for my visit to Portland last weekend was to spend time with Tanner Goods. While sampling some of the best coffee in the country, visiting factories, and attending my first soccer game were all experiences I enjoyed, the highlight was definitely my last day that was spent in the Tanner Goods workshop. […]

  • Acquisitions
  • Logan’s Mini-LCW.

    My good friends Wilson and Carol returned from their honeymoon recently with this generous gift for Logan. It’s a child-sized replica of the walnut Eames LCW that already resides in our living room… as soon as they saw it, they knew it’d be perfect for us. There are a few design adjustments to make it […]