• Design
  • A Day with Tanner Goods.

    The primary reason for my visit to Portland last weekend was to spend time with Tanner Goods. While sampling some of the best coffee in the country, visiting factories, and attending my first soccer game were all experiences I enjoyed, the highlight was definitely my last day that was spent in the Tanner Goods workshop. […]

  • Coffee
  • Coffee Mecca.

    The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the best coffee roasters in the world – these are the guys leading the charge with quality in-house roasted single origin beans coupled with labor intensive preparations. Being that I was in Portland for the weekend on business, I had to sample some of the shops that […]

  • Eats
  • The Golden State.

    One of our most enjoyable meals in LA was at The Golden State. I had eaten there during my last trip for the SELA opening party, so I was excited to introduce Lily to what I believed to be an excellent burger. I love this table. Amongst a bevy of craft beers, they have Virgil’s […]