• Design
  • Chapter & Verse Agency.

    This week marked the launch of our new office and showroom space for 3sixteen: Chapter & Verse Agency. We took ownership of the space on January 1st and finished renovations in time for NY Market week a mere two weeks later. It’s where we’ve been meeting with retailers this week to show them what’s new […]

  • Work
  • Lessons Learned.

    Nick Grant contacted me a month ago to participate in a Complex article entitled “How To Make It: 10 Rules For Success From Fashion Industry Insiders.” While I feel there are plenty of people who are just as (if not more) qualified than me to share these kinds of tips, I enjoyed writing my response […]

  • Fatherhood
  • Life with Logan.

    My good friend Sarah approached me a few months ago to see if I’d be interested in working on a piece for Antenna Magazine‘s Winter 2011 issue. I’ve never had any of my writing published before so I was excited for the opportunity; plus, the concept sounded like a lot of fun. The piece compares […]