• Acquisitions
  • Summertime Footwear.

    Once summertime rolls around, I put the boots away in the closet and switch over almost exclusively to canvas and suede sneakers. I just don’t feel right trudging around in clunky, heavy footwear in the sweltering weather. For the past few summers, I’ve started on a fresh pair of white Purcells that end up looking […]

  • Work
  • Lessons Learned.

    Nick Grant contacted me a month ago to participate in a Complex article entitled “How To Make It: 10 Rules For Success From Fashion Industry Insiders.” While I feel there are plenty of people who are just as (if not more) qualified than me to share these kinds of tips, I enjoyed writing my response […]

  • Coffee
  • Stephen Kenn.

    My friend Steve Opperman (formerly of Temple Bags) and his wife Rebecca have started a new furniture company called Stephen Kenn. Their steel frames are all locally welded in Los Angeles and the cushions are all made of repurposed WWII military fabric. Fans of his former bag collection will see many design similarities carried over […]